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Have your cake and eat it too

Pioneering in the transition to alternative food sources is exciting, and comes with great responsibility. To make sure your food product only benefits from Fermotein®, food safety always comes first.

Fermotein® family

Fermotein® is proprietary, it finds its origin in the Kingdom of fungi. It was a process of years to isolate it from nature. To ensure food safety, we have had various types of analyses performed in-house and externally:

- Genome analyses showed the presence of mycotoxins to be unrealistic
- Secondary metabolites analysis did not identify any of the 40 commonly known mycotoxins

Allergen free

We did a deep dive identifying the strain, making sure it has no allergenic properties. To rule out possible allergic reactions to Fermotein®, we subjected our strain to homology studies on proteins. This is like having a door lock tested by expert burglars. With a very limited number of proteins found to have homology with minor food allergens, it was concluded that chances of allergens being present in Fermotein are very slim.

Fermotein® is also free of GMO and gluten.

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