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Perseverance and creativity

Our dedicated team of 30+ colleagues is working every single day towards a future-proof solution for feeding a growing world population. We are determined to play our part in feeding future generations, solving malnutrition and securing food supply chains.

Where we come from

The Protein Brewery was founded in 2020 to develop and commercialize the route towards plant-based food ingredients based on fermentation. The Protein Brewery was split off from BioscienZ, an industrial biotechnology company, developing new technologies based on microbial fermentation.
Our HQ is based in Breda, the Netherlands, where we opened our certified pilot plant in June 2021. It was designed to facilitate the full process of our hero food ingredient Fermotein®. In January 2022 we started the build of a scale-up brewery to facilitate commercial production of Fermotein® in 2023.

Where we come from

One team, one culture

Contributing to future-proof, nutritious and sustainable foods is a road to be traveled in good company. We are proud of our Dutch heritage, but at least as proud of our international team of multi skilled brewers.
In an alternative world our team consists solely of hyperintelligent superheroes, trained in martial arts in a Himalayan monastery. But in the real world they are so much more. We have a diverse team of 7 nationalities. Everyone with their own expertise. From fermentation experts, master brewers, R&D professionals, food application experts, business developers and crucial supporting roles. All different, but all people.
We truly believe in the strength that comes with this diversity. We want people to enjoy their work and feel at home here, now, and in the future that we are shaping together.


 A blend of experience, perseverance, and creativity.

Supervisory board



Bente vrij.jpg
Bente Korsgaard Andersen

Independent Chair

Wim de Laat vrij.png
Wim de Laat

BioscienZ Holding

Biense Visser vrij.png
Biense Visser

Seed Investors

Thomas Grotkjaer vrij.png
Thomas Grotkjaer

Novo Holdings

Edouard Nuttin vrij.png
Edouard Nuttin

Roquette Ventures

Kim Odhner.jpg
Kim Odhner

Unovis Asset Management

OUR Scientific Advisory board


Dr Remco vrij.png
Prof. Dr. Remco Boom

Food Process Engineering WUR

Maha Tahiri vrij.jpg
Maha Tahiri

Ph.D. Human Nutrition Tufts University

Scientific Advisory Board Members


Our journey towards alternative food sources is an adventure. With the support of partners from the life-sciences field, knowledge platforms, industry, and science, we can accelerate our efforts. Pioneering is much more fun together. Do not hesitate to reach out, we would love to have a chat:

Our Network
Our Values



Sharing the same purpose

It is better to have a great team than a team of greats. We work together as a team towards the transition to alternative food sources across the globe and have fun doing so.


Daring to do what no one did before

Creating a space, and an environment where people have the liberty to innovate. Keeping complexity to a minimum and taking time to further simplify. It enables all of us to be agile and move forward.


Caring for each other and your work environment
At The Protein Brewery we are not only one team, but we are also extended family. We support each other professionally and personally. We rise by lifting others and enjoy each other’s growth and progress. We treat everyone with respect, regardless of status and opinions.


Trusting each other’s capabilities
We are confident about our colleagues’ intentions and sense of responsibility. Transparency and communication are key in working together, a team is not just a group of people working together, it is a group of people who trust each other.

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