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Fermotein®, your versatile food ingredient, an easy blend-in with an excellent nutritional profile

Check out our 1-minute explainer video and get acquainted with our hero product

Fermotein® A plant based, complete protein

 It contains all the good stuff you want in your healthy choice food product, including vitamins, plenty minerals and loads of fiber. Our hero product is extremely low in carbohydrates and provides all essential unsaturated fatty acids. One of the fibers Fermotein® contains is beta-glucan, which has a proven beneficial effect in supporting the immune system.

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Nutritional facts

Being a complete protein, makes Fermotein® an excellent food ingredient to increase the nutritional value of a vast variety of food products. Without impacting flavor or texture because of its neutral profile.


High applicability

With its excellent sensory profile, Fermotein® provides a nutritious base for numerous applications, including baked goods and snacks, meat analogues, dairy alternatives, and pastas.
With its neutral profile, there is no need for masking agents. Fermotein® has a good mouthfeel, no off-taste, a neutral color and it is odorless.

An easy blend-in adding performance without compromising on taste.

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How we brew Fermotein® 

Turning sugars into protein through fermentation, we have fungal species do the heavy lifting. We then use our easy-to-operate brewing process, and instead of brewing beer, we brew proteins.


We are driving on uncharted roads, but we know we are on the right track. Join us on our exciting journey and support the transition to alternative food sources across the globe.


LET'S get cooking

We look forward to demonstrating Fermotein® in many tasty food products. Leave your contact details here and our (US) representative will get in touch to explore the numerous possibilities together.

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