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After an elaborate process of identifying fungus species that were fit for purpose, we isolated a fungal strain that could retrieve our single cell protein: Fermotein®.
Have a look at our video and see for yourself.

Did you know that

the micro-organisms used to cultivate Fermotein® are neither animal nor plant based, but a kingdom on its own. The best of both worlds in one single organism.

​​Brewing proteins, simple, scalable and efficient


How we do it

We let our fungi species do the heavy lifting. Turning sugars into protein through fermentation. To perform its magic, all it needs is a starch-rich base ingredient. The fungi strain can grow on various carbohydrate rich, water efficient locally available crops, ranging from corn and potatoes to cassava and sugar cane. We combine that with our easy-to-operate brewing process, which is simple, scalable, and efficient, and can be set up anywhere in the world. Instead of brewing beer, we brew proteins.

Get your sample

Curious about our gamechanger in the food industry? Contact us to get a sample and let's get cooking!

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