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Press Release

28 September 2021

The Protein Brewery
expands activities to North Americ


Breda (the Netherlands), 28 September 2021 – The Protein Brewery, an innovative developer of protein-rich food ingredients, today announces the start of its commercial activities in North America with the founding of The Protein Brewery Inc. in Delaware. The activities will be led by Deb Anderson, a 20+ years commercial professional in the food industry.


The Protein Brewery uses innovative fermentation technologies to produce food proteins that can replace animals in the food chain. Our hero product is Fermotein™, a food ingredient with an excellent nutritional value, uses very little land and water contributing to a very sustainable profile. Fermotein™ can be produced from a large variety of globally available crops such as corn, potatoes, sugar cane, sugar beet and cassava, resulting in local, scalable, and efficient processes worldwide.

In April 2021, the pilot plant was completed, facilitating the full process of producing Fermotein™. With the completion of the pilot plant, The Protein Brewery has been able to deliver product to various business partners who use the samples for evaluation and development purposes and production trials. With the activities in North America in place, samples of Fermotein™ can also be sent to local business partners in the region.

Wim de Laat, founder of The Protein Brewery:
“With the US approval process for Fermotein™ as a food ingredient on track, I am very happy we can now welcome Deb to The Protein Brewery. Her expertise and experience will be paramount in identifying market opportunities and successfully introducing our product in North America. I speak on behalf of the whole team when I say that we are looking forward to working together with Deb to explore new opportunities with NA business partners and enjoy success with their food products which include Fermotein™ on retail shelves.”

Deb Anderson, Director New Business Development at The Protein Brewery:
“With a technical background in dairy science, I started my career in product development, and after a few years I jumped the fence to commercial and have been working in new business development ever since. My entire career has been in the food, beverage, dietary supplement, and the sports nutrition area with ingredients, predominately in the protein arena. I am very excited to join The Protein Brewery team, a young and agile group of colleagues who have already accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. I look forward to introducing The Protein Brewery into North America, identifying market opportunities, and obtaining feedback for the commercialization of Fermotein™.”

US media activities
With the US activities in place, The Protein Brewery shall as of now be represented in North America at the following events; including various Customer Innovation days.


Bridge2Food – Summit & Expo Plant-based Foods and Proteins Americas
Sept. 29, 2021
Speaker: Deb Anderson

Chicago Section IFT Suppliers' Symposium Expo
Rosemont, IL
Nov. 3, 2021
Booth #1051

Fermentation-enabled Alternative Protein Innovation
San Francisco, CA
Jan. 25 – 27, 2022
Speaker: Wim de Laat    



For further information:

The Protein Brewery


Claire Verhagen; tel: +31 (0)6 5051 6325

North America

Deb Anderson; tel: +1-608-726-0904

About The Protein Brewery
The Protein Brewery (TPB), an innovative developer of protein-rich food ingredients, replacing animals in the food chain, was founded in January 2020 as a demerger of BioscienZ BV and is in the process of commercializing protein products made by fermentation technologies. The company has access to a broad toolbox including Molecular Biology, Fermentation, Analytical tools, and Down Stream Processing technologies. TPB is headquartered in Breda, the Netherlands, working with a team of over 25 professionals. Further information:




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