vacancy no longer available

Duration: minimum of 5 months
Start date: in consultation

Level: Master of Science

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself. Continuing to provide a fast-growing world population with healthy food in a sustainable way, that is the reason for existence of The Protein Brewery (TPB).


Do you also want to contribute to solving one of the most important issues of our time? Then we are curious about you!

Who are we?

The Protein Brewery (TPB) is a young, highly innovative company focused on creative technologies to develop and produce sustainable food ingredients using classical brewing and precision fermentation technology. We are addressing the eminent global shift from animal-based food ingredients towards a sustainable, plant-based food chain. Our team in Breda currently consists of 35 people and is growing fast. The present organization is mission-driven, where the shared purpose of the organization, the teams and the individuals are aligned. Our culture can be described by our core values;

SHARING the same purpose. Working together as one team in our pursuit to reach our mission and have a positive and lasting impact on the world around us and beyond, while having fun.

DARING to do what no one did before and encouraging whoever dares to do so. Creating a stimulating environment where people feel free to innovate in a pragmatic way. Enabling us to remain agile and to move ahead speedily.

TRUSTING each other’s capacities, intentions and sense of responsibility, leading to a culture of ownership, undivided responsibility and relentless dedication.

CARING for each other and your work environment. Supporting each other, professionally and personally. Valuing each team member as the person he or she is, regardless of background, capacities or status.

Aspects of the internship project will include:

  • Building the full-scale plant in Mobatec process modelling software.

  • Reporting of the used approach to construct the model.

  • Identifying possible improvement targets in the process.

  • Literature research on utility saving solutions that are currently used in the industry.

What does your profile look like?

We are a good match if you...

  • Are following a master course in (bio)chemical engineering or a closely related course.

  • Have affinity with process modelling.

  • Are driven to make an impact in the current climate challenges.

  • Have clear verbal and written communication skills.


Are you interested in this internship? Please send an email with your resume and motivation letter to vacancies@theproteinbrewery.nl 

The exact content of the internship will be established in consultation depending on the starting date.


What are you going to do?
One of the products developed by TPB is Fermotein™, a single cell protein food ingredient produced through a fermentation process. Fermotein™ is composed by all macronutrients, different micronutrients, and minerals to provide the population with a substantial part of their daily nutritional needs. The product can be used as ingredient in meat replacers, soups, sauces, breakfast cereals, pastas, bread etc.

Currently the Fermotein™ production process is scaled up from pilot plant scale to demo plant scale. Minimizing the ecological footprint of the production plant is an important aspect in designing a future proof production process. To identify the main energy inefficient steps and opportunities for e.g. heat integration, a high quality process model for the next step; the full-scale plant is needed.

Internship Process Modelling