Main commercialization challenges and opportunities with respect to Fermotein™

We are looking for a strategic counterpart who is able to appreciate or concede mycoprotein type of food ingredients like Fermotein™ when talking to potential future customers. In the industry there seems only limited experience with application of mycoprotein. Applying mycoprotein ingredients into a consumer food product generally requires adaptation of recipes. It is generally not possible to simply interchange protein concentrates with Fermotein™ directly. Fermotein™ will reduce the amount of masking agents, flavors and aromatics, and it may increase water content. There are many positive effects on the bill of material, reductions to the ingredient list, and increased sustainability of the consumer product. All this, without the requirement to adapt existing production lines or logistics.


The perfect match is eager to take up the challenge to encounter the right contacts at potential customers we approach so implementation of Fermotein™ is considered at a more holistic level considering the overall picture and recipe rather than just at the direct protein (soy) replacement level. A whole food ingredient like Fermotein™ has many nutritional advantages and is only mildly processed, innovative to the ingredient market from a sustainability perspective as no ‘side streams’ are generated during the production.


What are we looking for in the right candidate?

  • Excellent and proven sales, business development and marketing skills.

  • Seasoned in commercialization of new food products / concepts.  

  • Strong network in the processed food industry, and more specifically but not limited to meat, meat replacers, chains (McDonalds, Subway, KFC, etc.), private label producers, innovative consumer food SME’s, etc.

  • Able to convey the message in respect of the anticipated complex nature of adopting Fermotein™ in consumer food product recipes (see previous description of challenge).

  • Embracing the company’s mission, and translating this mission in the choice of partners / costumers.

  • Acting as an TPB ambassador in the US.

  • Immediately available, no relevant non-compete / non-contact restrictions.

  • Parttime or fulltime role, remuneration (partially) based on success.


Please send your resume and motivation.

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