6 game-changing benefits you can profit from

Any innovation and respective properties are as interesting as the benefits it can deliver. 

FERMOTEIN features 6 benefits that will get you interested.




FERMOTEIN has a positive impact on the overall end product cost thanks to a highly efficient production process and to its excellent water-binding properties, which requires much less auxiliary substance to obtain the desired structure.



Because of the neutral taste of FERMOTEIN, product developers don’t need to invest time in correcting the taste of their end products with flavour maskers. They can focus all their time on the more creative and innovative side of their product design.



Because FERMOTEIN does not require any flavour masking, the recipe of the end product becomes less complex. Generally, 25% percent of the costs in meat substitutes are flavours maskers. Creating a tasteful product is now more straightforward and easier.



Because FERMOTEIN is a stable product, it is not sensitive to climate change and is predictable in composition and behaviour. The chance of errors and taste deviations is reduced to a minimum. 



Thanks to the allergen-free nature of FERMOTEIN, its neutral taste and mixable structure, it can be integrated into many types of products. Almost no restrictions for use.



Thanks to a meticulously tuned process under fully controlled conditions, FERMOTEIN can be regarded as a very safe ingredient, free from mycotoxins, antibiotics, listeria, salmonella and E.coli.