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25 – 27 Jan, 2022

San Francisco, CA


Fermentation-enabled Alternative Protein Innovation

This event has already taken place!

The 2nd Annual Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Innovation Digital Summit arrives, in-person, in San Francisco to host key decision-makers from biotech & food tech, multinational consumer packaged goods, independent food brands, and ingredient suppliers, looking to up-scale and commercialize fermentation-enabled alternative proteins to create sustainable and successful food products.

With fermentation touted as the next pillar in the alternative protein movement, and a growing appetite from consumers to buy into the nutritional and sustainability benefits of this food technology, it is now more important than ever to come together as a community. Our founder, Wim de Laat, will talk about The Protein Brewery’s innovative fermentation technologies to produce food proteins that can replace animals in the food chain.  Fermentation is generally a very expensive technology to produce products with.

A sustainable fermentation based protein production requires a thorough understanding of the impact of raw materials quality and logistics, water and energy use.

Check the program here.

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