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Meet The Protein Brewery,
fermentation experts

We develop food ingredients - plant based and highly nutritious.
Contributing to the transition to alternative food sources across the globe.


We improve food

Integrating versatile food ingredients that successfully deliver on multiple future-proof criteria, without compromising on taste or performance.

Meet: Fermotein® - containing proteins, fibers and all those essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals which a healthy, balanced diet needs.


By developing novel ways of producing plant based, nutritious food ingredients, we help our customers in the food industry to easily produce healthy, nutritious, and sustainable foods.


Our hero product, Fermotein® is a true gamechanger in the food industry. A versatile food ingredient, an easy blend-in with an excellent nutritional and sustainable profile.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Let's innovate together and let's get cooking! Our US representative is looking forward to introduce you to Fermotein®, provide a sample and explore business opportunities together.

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